Coconut Lemon Scrub

I love the idea of some “me time” that involves little work, but has a big payoff. This scrub sounds heavenly. Give yourselves a little something for Mother’s Day!

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There are times when I just want to get away. Not for long, but long enough to pamper myself and relax. But since those opportunities are rare these days, I made a coconut lemon body scrub that makes me feel like I’m treating myself to a day at the spa.


Not only is this easy to make — it smells so good. And I have the recipe just in time for Mother’s Day.


2 cups of sugar

1/2 cup of coconut oil

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

lemon zest

air tight container


Add all ingredients to a bowl and mix well.


Put in a pretty jar and give as a gift or keep it all to yourself.

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Chalk it up to Awesomeness

I’m a little obsessed with Dana Tanamachi’s chalk signs right now. She’s a super-talented graphic designer based out of Brooklyn, NY, and was commissioned by West Elm, Rugby Ralph Lauren, Ace Hotel, and Tommy Hilfiger Harajuku (to name a few) to create stunning, elegant hand-lettered signs in chalk.

I love turn-of-the-century typography-turned modern, and I think she does an amazing job of it. I can see the influence of Louise Fili in her work, but the medium she is using is all her own. Beautiful. Enjoy.


Have you seen any hand-lettered signs, invitations, or packaging that you’d like to share?

Inspiration Thursday I: Beijing, China

In 2008, just following the Olympics, I spent 11 days in Beijing.

While I won’t say it was my favorite trip (I will list why below), I did come across some surprises that I still find visually inspiring. Continue reading