A Little Slice of Heaven: Paper Cut Illustrations

Before Pinterest, I was bookmarking every single design and illustration site that I found interesting. It’s still nice to go through the list, randomly pick a link, and be instantly inspired by what pops up. Today’s random link led me to this:

Roadside Projects. Illustrations by Jayme McGowan.

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Hot Pattern-A-Day: Patterns #11 & #12

I’m clearly very far behind on this project! But instead of beating myself up over it, I’m just going to keep sharing them as they come. Here are two very different options for your patterning needs.

Pattern #11: Spring Swirl

I was browsing an old sketchbook (and I mean OLD–like before I was even thinking about being a designer) and found a fun style. With some touching up and color added, it’s a happy addition to any desktop. 🙂

All I ask is you provide a link back to my blog to let folks know where you got it.

Committed Pattern 11


Pattern #12: Moroccan Tile

If I could only actually produce these and tile my future pool with these, I’d be a happy gal. I used intentionally misaligned and asymmetrical elements to add to the handmade feel.

Committed Pattern 12

Feel free to use this pattern as a background. Link back to https://committedgifts.wordpress.com