Hot Pattern-A-Day: Pattern #6

Pattern #6: Pole Position

I was inspired by this weekend’s trip to the LeMay Car Museum. The cars were beautiful and the building itself was a sight to see! I’m only a casual car enthusiast. “Appreciator” is more of an accurate term. My husband is the true enthusiast, pointing out the horsepower of this, the xx-liter engine of that (I really don’t know). But what I was struck by were all the design details, especially before the 1960s. From this collection, it seemed like there was a true intention to design and create beautiful details, even in production vehicles. I think car manufacturers are just beginning to head back in this direction, but are a far cry from the real “coolness” that existed in other eras.

I digress. Here’s today’s pattern. Numbers galore!

All I ask is you provide a link back to my blog to let folks know where you got it.

Committed Pattern #6

Feel free to use this pattern as a background. Link back to


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