A Little Slice of Heaven: Paper Cut Illustrations

Before Pinterest, I was bookmarking every single design and illustration site that I found interesting. It’s still nice to go through the list, randomly pick a link, and be instantly inspired by what pops up. Today’s random link led me to this:

Roadside Projects. Illustrations by Jayme McGowan.

In a world of Photoshop and other digital tools, it’s really nice to see some handcrafted work.

Jayme McGowan has a beautiful illustration style punctuated by incredible craftsmanship.

Here are a couple of her images from her Etsy shop:

Jared Andrew Schorr

Jared Andrew Schorr is another illustrator I’ve been following for a while. He has a wonderful whimsical style, and again, it’s all hand-cut paper. Lovely!

Jared Andrew Schorr navigation

This is pretty much the cutest site navigation page I’ve ever seen.

Suzy Taylor

This style is inSANE! The level of detail she can get with an Xacto knife is mind-blowing. Check out a few of these beauties:

Suzy Taylor paper cut illustration

Gorgeous and adorable at the same time.

Hoo thinks this is awesome?

Suzy Taylor cut paper illustration

Dia de los Magnificos!


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