How Pinteresting!

We all know it, we are unabashedly addicted to it…Pinterest. If you’re blogging, you probably already know about this, but I thought I’d share in case you don’t!

Most of my traffic comes from this pin:

Plane activities for toddlers

I started making little graphics for this blog, partly to make posts more interesting, and partly to sharpen my design chops and loosen up creatively. Then I pinned these graphics to various boards to showcase my ideas and design. Well, what do you know…it’s getting exposure!

Here are my tips for using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog:

  1. Make your blog graphics interesting
  2. Create original content
  3. Be genuine. Pinterest is a great place for visual bookmarking, so make sure the graphic and post you’re pinning are truly helpful and worth repinning.
  4. Follow other pinners & repin their pins! Ever notice that when someone follows you, you check them out? Again, be genuine. Don’t follow someone just to get them to follow you back. Mutual admiration will foster lasting interaction and lead to more traffic.

What tips do you have for using Pinterest to supplement your blog?

Oh, and if you’d like, you can connect with me on Pinterest here. 🙂

What say you, good reader?

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